‘One Punch After Another’: Baltimore Business Owner Opens Up About Impact Of COVID-19 Restrictions

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John Minadakis, the CEO of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the impact of the coronavirus lockdown measures on his business, how he is taking care of his employees and more.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced a new round of coronavirus restrictions that close both indoor and outdoor dining.

“I have so many friends that are in the industry much like myself who have given their livelihoods and every ounce of their being to this industry,” Minadakis said. “It’s really been one punch after another after another.”

“For a lot of them, this really feels like the knockout blow,” he said. (RELATED: ‘What’s Going To Happen Here?’: Salon Owner Speaks Out About COVID-19 Restrictions)

Minadakis also discussed how he is helping his employees during the holiday season.

“We have 150 employees here at Jimmy’s and they all have different ages and different domestic situations,” Minadakis said. “Some people have 3-4 kids. Some people have rent to pay. The one common denominator is obviously they need money.”

Minadakis also discussed recent comments made by Bill Gates, different ways he is generating revenue and more.


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