Zach Snyder Teases Shots Of Gal Gadot From His Cut Of ‘Justice League’ Coming In 2021

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Zach Snyder lit up social media Thursday when he teased several shots of Gal Gadot from his cut of “Justice League” coming out in 2021.

“Get ready 2021,” the director tweeted, along with a snapshot of Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. He didn’t explain the photo, but it got everyone’s attention. (RELATED: Celebrated Gal Gadot’s Birthday With Some Of Her Most Stunning Shots [SLIDESHOW])

Snyder followed it up with a second picture that was even more vibrant, showing Gadot decked out in her Wonder Woman attire in the air with lightning bolts around her.  (RELATED: Gal Gadot Hypes Upcoming ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ With Unreal Shot)

“This one is for you Fiona,” Snyder tweeted. “Let’s go 2021.

As previously reported, Snyder was originally picked to direct the DC Comics movie but ended up having to forego his directing duties during production due to a personal tragedy. Snyder’s cut of the film was reportedly much darker in tone before he had to walk away from the project.

Joss Whedon ended up stepping in to complete the shooting of the DC movie, which had lackluster box office ticket sales for a major studio superhero movie. Fans have since demanded the release of Snyder’s version of the film.

Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” is due to hit HBO Max sometime in 2021.