‘I Will Make You My Perfect Little Slave’: Armie Hammer’s Ex Shares Disturbing Direct Messages Between The Two

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

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Actor Armie Hammer’s personal direct messages between him and an ex-girlfriend have allegedly been released.

Digital creator Paige Lorenze shared screenshots of direct messages she claimed were from Hammer, according to a report published Thursday by Page Six.

“You are perfect,” Hammer said in the alleged text messages. “Don’t be embarrassed by anything. You feel f*cking incredible and the way you fell perfectly in to a submissive space was beautiful.” (RELATED: Armie Hammer’s Estranged Wife Seemingly Breaks Silence After He’s Accused Of Having Cannibalistic Sexual Desires)

“We are going to keep developing that,” he reportedly continued. “I’m going to train you and turn you in to my perfect little pet. F*ck this just made me so hard. I will make you my perfect little slave.”

Lorenze claimed the direct messages were further “evidence” of Hammer’s “dangerous proclivities” in a statement to Page Six.

“These latest messages are just further evidence of the reality of his dangerous proclivities and his reaction shows his blatant disregard for the women he has traumatized,” Lorenze said in the statement. “I want to offer my continued support to the other women who have been preyed on by men and have the courage to come forward.”

Hammer has been accused of having cannibalistic sexual desires after direct messages allegedly from Hammer to an anonymous person surfaced on the internet. The actor has since left three movies but did not comment on the allegations.