Another Migrant Caravan Is Coming For The Border

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Another migrant caravan has started making its way from Honduras to the United States’ border with Mexico, according to Reuters.

The caravan, with estimated numbers in the several hundreds, is the second largest migrant caravan to depart from Honduras this year, Reuters reported. Members of the caravan and other eyewitnesses told Reuters the caravan is heading north to flee from the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, as well as natural disasters, according to Reuters.

Two hurricanes, ETA and Iota, created massive flooding in parts of Honduras, further damaging Honduras’ already weak economy, according to Reuters.

The caravan is reportedly composed predominantly of young, working-age adults with backpacks, according to Reuters. There is also a number of women carrying children, Reuters reported. The migrants set off early Tuesday morning on foot from a bus terminal in San Pedro Sula, a city in the northern part of Honduras, according to Reuters.

First, the caravan must make their way across the Guatemalan border, Reuters reported. The caravans’ current route takes them to the Honduras-Guatemala border town of Corinto, according to Reuters.

“You have to take risks to have a better life in the United States, in Honduras we’re never going to do anything,” Carlos Flores, a member of the caravan, told a local television station, according to Reuters. “Here you can hardly eat with what you earn, if you can even find work,” Flores added, Reuters reported. (RELATED: Biden Scrapped These Major Trump Border Policies Before The Crisis Started)

The United States currently faces a crisis on the southern border caused by an influx of migrants from Mexico and Central American countries, according to Reuters. Many of these migrants are family units or unaccompanied children.

Some claim President Joe Biden’s stance on immigration throughout the campaign, as well as the immigration policies he has implemented in his first few months as president, has created and exacerbated the crisis. Members of the previous caravan that set out from Honduras cited Biden’s migration policies as the reason for coming to the United States. Other migrants have said that they wouldn’t have tried to come to the U.S. any gain entry under former President Donald Trump’s administration.