Model Elizabeth Pipko Blames Rise In Anti-Semitic Attacks On ‘Silence’ From ‘Politicians, Celebrities’

Elizabeth Pipko (Credit: Instagram)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Elizabeth Pipko talked about the rise in anti-Semitic attacks amid the tensions between Israel and Palestine, pinning the blame on the “silence” from “politicians” and “celebrities.”

“I honestly think it’s silence,” the 25-year-old supermodel explained in a clip she posted Monday on Instagram from her appearance on “Fox and Friends.” She was asked what she thought was “enabling … “open anti-Semitism” across the country. (RELATED: Cruz Is Preparing a Resolution to Condemn Anti-Semitism)

“I think Jewish-Americans like other Americans have seen politicians, celebrities, national news outlets every single day left and right condemning injustices across our country as they should,” Pipko shared. (RELATED: ‘I Will Not Be Bullied’: Meghan McCain Calls Out ‘Uneducated Celebrities’ Who Are Attacking Her For Supporting Israel)



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“But we wake up every morning now and we hear crickets,” she added. “And I think the more crickets the more attacks. Because people think that what they are doing is okay.”

“They don’t realize that it is not only frowned upon, but incredibly dangerous and most times, in these videos, especially illegal,” Elizabeth continued. (RELATED: ‘Advocate For Throwing Jews Into The Sea’: Israel Slams Bella Hadid For Attending Pro-Palestinian March)

She captioned her post by talking about the “deafening” silence on these attacks and thanked those who “have spoken out against these horrific [anti-Semitic] attacks.”

The New York Post recently reported that the social media site TikTok is being used to incite violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were slow to denounce the widespread violence against Jews.