‘This Is Pitiful And It’s Not Attractive’: Dana Perino Blasts John Cena For ‘Groveling’ To China

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino criticized former pro-wrestler John Cena for apologizing to China after referring to Taiwan as a country.

Cena offered a video apology in Mandarin after learning that the Chinese government was not happy with his comments, and Perino argued on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five” that it was “pitiful.” (RELATED: Hollywood Superstar Apologizes To China For Calling Taiwan A Country. When Will This Pathetic Nonsense End?)


“Cena says he’s sorry about his mistake and that he really loves and respects China. So, Greg, did a wrestling star just get body-slammed by China?” co-host Juan Williams asked.

“I think what Cena did was cowardly and despicable and if I ever see him face-to-face I will be sure to tell him the exact opposite,” Greg Gutfeld said. “It just shows you how in bed our corporate overlords are with the totality it totalitarian regime that they can get arguably the toughest actor in Hollywood to offer a groveling apology in Mandarin. The only upside to this is I don’t see Cena running around crapping on America and apologizing to China like Lebron James.”

Williams went on to note that if the Chinese government was angry enough to pull the plug on the film entirely and not allow it to be shown in China at all, everyone involved in the project would stand to lose millions.

“How would you handle this?” Williams turned the question to Perino.

“I think they should’ve thought of that before and I think this is pitiful and it’s not attractive, let me tell you. I don’t find that attractive at all. Being bold is attractive, and when he’s basically doing is groveling and the thing that people like Cena need to understand, do you know what the Chinese then do with a video like that? They use it as absolute propaganda,” Perino replied.

“How much more money do you need? Be bold, stand up, Taiwan deserves our respect,” Perino continued, noting that when former President Donald Trump won the 2016 election he had called Taiwan first.

“That’s bold. And remember that, it was a huge thing, my gosh, how can you possibly do this? He was sending a message,” she concluded. “He didn’t care and that I think is really bold.”