Pompeo Says He Will ‘Never Support’ CRT In Schools

(Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised Wednesday that he would “never support Critical Race Theory” in the country’s schools.

“No child should ever be taught to feel like a victim of circumstance or made to feel guilty for the color of their skin. I will never support Critical Race Theory in our schools,” Pompeo wrote in a Wednesday Facebook post.

Critical race theory (CRT) holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

Pompeo’s statement came hours after the Senate approved an amendment late Tuesday banning the use of federal funds to teach concepts associated with CRT in primary and secondary education. (RELATED: AFT President Claims CRT Isn’t Being Taught In Schools — Her Own Union Says Otherwise)

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin joined all 49 present Republicans Tuesday in advancing the amendment introduced by Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

An approval voting straw poll held at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, in late June 2021 — where participants voted for 31 potential presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections — put Pompeo fourth at 39%.

The former secretary of state’s approval rating was lower only than those of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former President Donald Trump and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.