ANALYSIS: What’s Crazier — The F**k Joe Biden Chants Everywhere, Or The Media’s Attempt To Pretend It’s Not Happening?

Joe Biden NASCAR Chants (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video, Getty Images/Anna Moneymaker)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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For weeks, chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” have been echoing across stadiums packed with college football fans, and quickly spilled into other arenas as well.

But despite the fact that Americans can hardly attend a college football game without hearing such a chant erupt, most media outlets appear to be content with simply pretending it isn’t happening. (RELATED: Fans Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ During The Wisconsin/Notre Dame Game)

The chanting appeared to gain momentum with the start of the college football season, becoming almost a staple at both college level and NFL games all across the nation.

The chants spilled over into NASCAR as well.

Biden was even greeted by a series of flags and chants when he visited Michigan to promote his Build Back Better spending initiative.

Biden noted the signs and chants, and his response to Democratic Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin — who accompanied him to his speech — was to voice concern that such profanity was on public display near a school.

The Daily Caller’s David Hookstead addressed the phenomenon with Donald Trump Jr., who said he didn’t expect the chants to die down or go away.

Hookstead also pointed to the fact that few media outlets have even acknowledge that it was happening.

The chants rarely make the headlines at any major outlet, however. Establishment media has shared several tweets about crowds chanting, but none of them were saying “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Instead, chants about Daunte Wright — who was killed by a police officer who reportedly mistook her service pistol for her taser — made the headlines.

CNN also covered former President Donald Trump’s supporters in November of 2020, when their pre-election chants disrupted traffic.

MSNBC covered chants when they were about removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

And, during the hearings about the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, MSNBC covered the chants of “kill him with his own gun” that officers heard.

CBS News covered protesters who chanted “Where’s Gabby?” outside Brian Laundrie’s home in Florida.

The network also covered Haitians who hoped to gain asylum in the U.S. as they chanted, “Joe Biden!”

ABC News covered protesters in Hong Kong chanting about arrests.

And anti-vax protesters chanting, “My body, my choice” with regard to the coronavirus vaccines.

Those same networks were quick to report that Trump, while still the sitting president, was booed when he went to pay his respects to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They also covered when he and then first lady Melania Trump were booed while visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on MLK Day. And they covered when supporters booed the former president for promoting the COVID-19 vaccines.

When NBC reporter Kelli Stavast found herself faced with a crowd shouting “Fuck Joe Biden” as Brandon Brown won the Xfinity series race at Talladega, and she either misheard or misrepresented what the crowd was saying as, “Let’s go Brandon!”

Whether intentional or not, the “Let’s go Brandon” chant quickly took over the narrative.

Biden may be losing ground, but at least this Brandon guy seems pretty popular.