‘These Are Two Actresses Putting On A Show’: Megyn Kelly Slams Idea Oprah’s Interview With Meghan Markle Was ‘Organic’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly slammed the idea that Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all interview with Meghan Markle was “organic” and said it was “two actresses putting on a show.”

“I will say I love when people are like ‘Oprah she got so much out of her,’ I’m like, ‘are you people stupid?'” Kelly shared Tuesday during “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Sirius XM radio.

“Do you understand Oprah Winfrey does not sit down for an interview without having a very top level producer sit down with the person she’s going to be interviewing who gets all the news nuggets and then gives them to Oprah,” she added.

“And then Oprah’s job, as an actress, which she is, is to make it look organic,” Kelly continued. “These are two actresses just putting on a show. The whole thing was choreographed. Nothing there was organic, absolutely not one thing. And the rest of us are supposed to be like ‘Oh, what a beautiful spontaneous exchange.'” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Says She Left ‘Son’s School’ After Boys Were Asked Weekly If They’re ‘Still Sure’ They Were Boys)

It comes at the 1:06:00 minute mark.


Kelly’s guest, Adam Curry, who is known as the podfather of podcasting, said what we saw was a “black queen [Oprah] attack white queen [Queen Elizabeth II].” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly: Meghan Markle ‘Covered Herself In Blood Diamonds’ While Claiming To Not Be Into The ‘Grandeur’ Of Being A Royal)

The former Fox News host agreed and said it was an attack “without the courage to actually press for real answers” and to follow through. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Defends Piers Morgan, Says ‘In An Era Of Free Speech Being Stifled’ We ‘Need More’ Like Him, Not ‘Fewer’)

Kelly suggested Winfrey should have pressed Markle further when the Duchess of Sussex accused the royal family of racism.

“All those questions should have had follow-ups like ‘well who was jealous of Meghan Markle when she came back from Australia,'” the former NBC host shared. “Who specifically made a face, who, can you tell us the person who allegedly objected to the skin color?”

Kelly pointed out after the interview she tweeted something like “why didn’t Oprah say ‘was it the queen, can you rule out the queen?'”

“Can you rule out Prince Philip who’s dying right now as the alleged racist? Something to press her!” she added. “But guess what they said to me, ‘you’re a racist for criticizing Oprah.'”