Baby Kangaroo Stolen From Farm

Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A Kentucky stable claimed Monday that a couple of their animals had been stolen, including a baby kangaroo.

Hillview Stables announced to the public that their 10-month-old kangaroo, named Scooby-Doo, went missing Sunday night and that they were offering a $500 reward for anyone who could return him safely. The farm also offered $1,000 reward for his safe return and any leads to who was responsible for taking him, according to a Facebook post. (RELATED: Police Capture Runaway Kangaroo Hopping Around The City In Florida)

Rick Gregory from Hillview Stables said that the animals they have on their farm, including the kangaroos, are a big part of their attraction, according to WKYT-TV.

Gregory expressed doubts that the baby kangaroo would make it due to the possibility that the thief does not know that the animal requires a very special formula to survive, according to the outlet.

“I’m sure that whoever has him don’t know how to take care of him he has to have a special nipple for his bottle and he has to have powdered milk that is made just for kangaroos or wallabies which you have to order and it is very expensive, if he is fed any other kind of milk he will more than likely get diarrhea and die,” according to the Facebook post. “I will give 500.00 for his safe return in good health or I will pay 1000.00 for his safe return and information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons that took him.”

The Laurel County Sheriff’s Department as well as state police have been notified about the alleged theft and will open a case once they have a lead on the incident, according to Courier Journal.