Judge ‘Treating Kyle Rittenhouse As If He’s His Grandson,’ Don Lemon Argues

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Kira Mautone Contributor
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CNN’s Don Lemon claimed Friday that Judge Bruce Schroeder is “treating Kyle Rittenhouse as if he’s his grandson,” during an appearance on “New Day.”

Speaking with co-hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman, Lemon criticized Schroeder’s behavior toward the prosecution while claiming that many people and political pundits seem to think he is behaving normally.

“If that is the behavior that is happening in courtrooms every day, then Houston we have a problem, Kenosha we have a problem, America we have a problem,” Lemon argued.


“His behavior is, at the very least, unusual, and concerning,” Lemon claimed, arguing that America has seemed to have lost a sense of “civility.”

Lemon went on to argue that Schroeder’s treatment of the prosecution was “problematic” and not “normal,” but mentioned how it’s up to others to decide if “you think he’s biased.”

“Most of the people I’ve seen on television who analyze, who does some analysis of courtrooms, seems to think that there is a bias towards the defense,” Lemon said.

“Usually this judge is very pro-prosecution, and now he’s, sort of, seems to be very pro-defense,” he continued, before making the claim that Schroeder is, “treating Kyle Rittenhouse as if he’s his grandson.”

Lemon addressed that lawyers, judges, and prosecutors have very tough jobs, but that it did not excuse Shroeder from scolding the prosecution in the manner in which he did, arguing that kind of behavior does “not need to happen.” The CNN host also discussed Schroeder’s apparent joke about the supply chain crisis.

“Does he need to make jokes about Asian food, not arriving, you know, because it’s on a boat on Long Beach in California,” Lemon said, explaining that regardless of if he was being “racist” or “insensitive” towards Asians or not, the judge had expressed, according to Lemon, that “it shouldn’t be political.” (RELATED: ‘He Said F**k You’: Rittenhouse Testimony Gets Heated Around One Particular Detail)

As the Rittenhouse trial captures much of the liberal media’s attention, the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, a young black man who was shot to death by three men who allegedly targeted him “because of Arbery’s race and color,” is underway in Georgia. The judge presiding over the Arbery trial, Judge Walmsley, also addressed the courtroom sharply, saying that defense attorney Jason Sheffield was showing “disrespect” in the courtroom, according to 11 Alive. (RELATED: Man Charged With Fatally Shooting Ahmaud Arbery Reportedly Uttered Racial Epithet After Killing)

Lemon highlighted Arbery’s case, along with Rittenhouse’s, to argue that the cases “bring light to what happens in our criminal justice system” and that they are “evidence that we need to reform our court system and our criminal justice system.”

“Imagine if Kyle Rittenhouse was an 18 or 17-year-old black kid with a gun, how would people feel? How would the judge treat him? How would pundits think about this case?” Lemon asked.