Prosecution Closes Rittenhouse Case By Arguing He Should Have Just ‘Taken’ The ‘Beating’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse case closed their arguments Monday by arguing that Rittenhouse should have just taken the “beating.”

“Everybody takes a beating sometimes, right? Sometimes you get in a scuffle and maybe you do get hurt a little bit. That doesn’t mean you can just start plugging people with your Full Metal Jacket AR-15 rounds,” the prosecution argued.

The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss testified that Joseph Rosenbaum, the first person Rittenhouse fatally shot, had lunged at the teen right before he was shot.

“[Rosenbaum] said ‘fuck you’ and then he reached for the weapon,” McGinniss testified. Rittenhouse then fatally shot Anthony Huber, who was seen in pictures appearing to attempt to hit Rittenhouse with a skateboard.

During the closing argument, lead prosecutor Thomas Binger held his finger on the trigger of a pointed gun while attempting to show the jury how Rittenhouse allegedly held his gun in the moments leading up to the shootings.  Binger then went on to claim that Rittenhouse lost his claim of self-defense since he was the one who brought the gun to the incident. (RELATED: Rittenhouse Judge Blasts ‘Misinformation’ In Media As Those Who Want To ‘Undermine The Result Of The Trial’)

“You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought the gun,” Binger said. “When you’re the one creating the danger, when you’re the one provoking other people.”

Binger further claimed Rittenhouse fired into a crowd “full of heroes” that were trying to stop Rittenhouse, who Binger painted as an active-shooter threat.

Jurors are still deliberating a final verdict in the case, with Rittenhouse’s defense filing a seven-page motion for a mistrial Monday, alleging the prosecution provided poor quality drone footage of a key moment of the incident despite a higher-resolution video being available.