Media Tries To Drag Father Who Said ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ To Biden Through The Coals

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Left-leaning corporate media outlets and pundits spent the Christmas weekend dragging a father over the coals after he told President Joe Biden “Let’s Go Brandon” during a phone call.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were answering calls from parents and children for the NORAD Santa tracking program when one caller, Jared, used the anti-Biden slogan after his children told the couple what they wanted for Christmas.

“I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well and Let’s Go, Brandon,” Jared said.

“Let’s Go Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied while the first lady appeared to slightly chuckle.

Liberal outlets wasted no time criticizing the father for his statement, lambasting him for disrespecting the president on Christmas Eve.

“Consider the mentality here of the father whose child is excited to talk about Santa Clause and then also gets to talk to the president and First Lady,  but he waits out the end of the call to sneak in a cutesy way of flipping off the president on Christmas Eve,” CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere tweeted.

NBC News called the phrase a “right-wing slur” while the Daily News said the president was “ambushed” with the slogan that “is code for an expletive aimed at the president.”

NPR wrote Jared “repeated an offensive catchphrase” but that Biden “took the remark in stride.” (RELATED: ‘God-Given Right To Express My Frustration’: Biden’s Christmas ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Caller Comments On His ‘Innocent Jest’)

Senior editor at The Atlantic Ron Brownstein joined a CNN panel where he said the phrase was about “insurrection.”

The first lady’s press secretary Michael LaRosa called it “sick, tasteless, classless, disrespectful” and “appalling behavior.”

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell took to Twitter to share his shock that people are “this indecent.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro-Cardenas tweeted “Let’s go Jared!” in response.

Corporate media outlets appeared to be slightly less inclined to vilify others who made disparaging remarks or threatened former President Donald Trump, however.

For instance, NBC News called the “Let’s Go, Brandon” catchphrase a “slur” but appeared to tiptoe around Johnny Depp’s calls for Trump to be assassinated, headlining their 2017 article “Johnny Depp Raises ‘Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President'” and noting Depp “has been no fan” of Trump and “took his rhetoric up a level when he raised the prospect of the president being killed.”

When Snoop Dogg released a rap video showing the assassination of Trump, CNN said the video “stirred controversy” and included examples of criticism against the “rapper’s creativity.” The rapper later released a video saying “fuck you Donald Trump, and everything you stand for.”

There also appeared to be a lack of negative coverage when actor Robert De Niro received a standing ovation from the crowd at the Tony Awards for saying “fuck Trump.”