Keith Olbermann Suggests The Males In Mitt Romney’s Family Should Get Vasectomies. Commentators Fire Back

(YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: Keith Olbermann)

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Former MSNBC media personality and commentator Keith Olbermann posted a family Christmas photo of Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney on Wednesday, suggesting that the males in the family needed to be sterilized.

“Somebody gift these people some vasectomies,” Olbermann captioned a screenshot of Romney’s earlier tweet, which showed the senator surrounded by his numerous family members posing for a group photo.

The tweet garnered a massive criticism online from conservative, liberal and independent commentators alike.

“Stick to policy, leave the grandkids alone you ghoul,” Stanford law professor Michele Dauber commented under Olbermann’s tweet.

“Every child is a gift. Stop insulting big families,” former White House strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp wrote.

A number of other users were quick to pinpoint that such a reaction to Romey’s seemingly apolitical family photo was abnormal, and that it could be rooted in the fact that Olbermann himself was not married and had no kids.

“You are a tremendously lonely weirdo,” Tablet Magazine’s Chief Technology Officer Noam Blum wrote. (RELATED: ‘Dude WTF Is Wrong With You?’: Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Fires Back At Keith Olbermann For Comments About School Shooter)

In an apparent attempt to justify the attack on Romney’s family, Olbermann later posted a series of tweets. He recalled how Romney criticized in a statement Olbermann’s characterization of former President Donald Trump as a “terrorist,” which the commentator said was “just 86 days before the Terrorist Donald Trump engineered the worst act of domestic terrorism in our history.”

He then tweeted a picture showing Romney and Trump together, claiming that according to the Republican senator’s religious beliefs, his relationship with the former president amounted to “‘treating’ with the devil.”

In October 2020, Olbermann decided to end his contract with ESPN before it was due, choosing instead to move to YouTube to bash Trump, according to Fox News.