Andrew Yang Steps Up To Defend Rogan Against The Mob, Then Backs Down: ‘I Made A Mistake’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang apologized Sunday for defending podcast host Joe Rogan against recent backlash surrounding his use of a racial slur.

Tensions arose Saturday after music artist India Arie posted a video of Rogan repeatedly using the n-word and joking about the film “Planet of the Apes” in a black neighborhood. Yang, who appeared on Rogan’s show in 2019, said in a since-deleted tweet that the podcast host is not a racist given his frequent collaboration with black people.

“I don’t think Joe Rogan is a racist – the man interacts with and works with black people literally all of the time,” Yang tweeted Sunday, according to The Hill. “Do I know black friends of Joe’s who would swear by him? Yes I do.”

Later, Yang backtracked in a series of tweets, calling his defense of Rogan “a mistake” and that he “downplayed the realities” of the racism’s impact. (RELATED: Multiple People Voice Support For Joe Rogan Amid Efforts To Cancel Him)

“I like to believe the best of people – especially if I’ve met and spent time with that person. Sometimes it makes me miss something. I think we should have the capacity to forgive people – whether a podcaster or a mayor – if they mess up. Maybe it’s because I mess up too,” Yang said.

“Racism is real, deep, corrosive and even lethal. I know that. I made a mistake in an earlier tweet tonight that downplayed these realities,” he added.

“I deleted the tweet because it was wrong-headed,” Yang continued. “It also hurt people, which is never my intent. I’m sorry. I’m learning and appreciate those who reached out to express their feelings.”

The former presidential candidate vowed to help those struggling with poverty and racism and to move the country in a more “equitable” and “just” direction.

“I like to believe the work I’ve done these past years had the goal of uplifting everyone, particularly those on the outside looking in for any reason, be it poverty or marginalization or race. I’ve always wanted to help those with the least the most,” he said.

“I’m going to keep doing all I can for a more fair, equitable, and just country. That means for everyone. Universal Basic Income, Democracy Reform and unity are how we get there,” Yang added.

Rogan called his previous use of the racial slur “shameful” and “regretful” in a public address Saturday. He said the word should never be used in any context on his show and that he “f**ked up.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said he does not plan on canceling Rogan from the platform Monday.