‘This President Needs To Get His Act Together’: Rep. Spartz Slams Biden Over ‘Genocide’ In Ukraine

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz  delivered an emotional speech Tuesday about the situation in Ukraine, calling it a “genocide” and slamming President Joe Biden for his alleged lack of leadership.

“I didn’t prepare a speech, so I will talk from my heart,” Spartz, who was born in Ukraine, said. “This is not a war, this is a genocide of the Ukrainian people by a crazy man who cannot get over that Ukrainian people do not want socialism, Soviet Union, communism. They want to be with the United States of America, they want to be free people.”

Spartz spoke about her 95-year-old grandmother who lives in the Ukraine and is under heavy bombing from Russian forces.

“They’re bombing civilians nonstop,” an emotional Spartz said. “Day and night, the whole city.”

Spartz also claimed Russian troops are also killing women and children.

“They’re slaughtering them like they’re animals,” Spartz continued. “They’re killing the people. It is not a war it’s a genocide because we have a crazy man that believes he has the whole world hostage, and then we have a president that talks about, talks about but doesn’t do things! What is he going to wait until a million has died and then [Biden’s] going to do more?”

“We have not just a moral duty, we are the leaders of the free world, this is going to be the biggest genocide the world has ever experienced and they’re not asking them to fight for us, but they ask us to help, to become serious so they have the ability to defend themselves.”

“If we don’t stop him there, he is not going to stop. He is going to go further and then we’ll have to send our children to die to fight this. So I think we have an obligation and duty to save this world, help Ukrainian people to survive.” (RELATED: Putin Told To ‘Kill Himself’ Like Hitler By Ukraine’s UN Ambassador)

“This president needs to get his act together and exercise some leadership,” she added. “What’s happening under his watch is [an] atrocity. What he’s doing to this country and to the world is unforgiveable … he must act decisively fast or this blood of many millions of Ukrainians will be on his hands too.”

Donald Trump Jr., also criticized Biden’s handling of the Ukrainian invasion while speaking at CPAC Sunday.

“Of course it happened under this administration because, you know, the first thing a bully does, a bully like [Russian President] Vladimir Putin? He takes advantage of the weak, [the] infirm,” Trump Jr., said. “And no one is weaker, and no one is more infirm, than Joe Biden.”

Trump Jr., said Putin invaded Ukraine and China is likely to invade Taiwan after witnessing Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal in August.

“You think Vladimir Putin didn’t see that and said ‘excellent?’ You think that Xi over in China wasn’t saying, ‘hey, whatever my timeline for taking over Taiwan was, accelerate it!’ There’s a reason it didn’t happen under Trump. People understand strength, they understand resolve, they understand balls.”

The U.S., along with several other nations, has sanctioned Russia, cutting off Russian banks from a global payment system while the European Union cut off its airspace to Russian planes. Biden also put in sanctions that limit what can be exported to Russia, saying recently the sanctions would be “devastating” and “impose [a] severe cost on the Russian economy, both immediately and over time.”