‘Utterly Nihilistic’: Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Idiot News Anchors’ Calling For US Military Involvement Against Russia

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson ripped “idiot news anchors” Thursday calling for U.S. military involvement in Ukraine.

Carlson began the segment with footage of NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander questioning White House press secretary Jen Psaki during Thursday’s press briefing on why Russian President Vladimir Putin should remain in power. Psaki responded that regime change was not the policy of the U.S.

“It’s hard to believe that anyone could pack that much ignorance into a single question. Let’s unpack it for a moment,” Carlson said. “Where does this reporter imagine Joe Biden gets the power to decide which world leaders should be ‘allowed’ to govern their own countries? Is that a constitutional power that he possesses? If not where does it come from?”

“And what does this reporter imagine Joe Biden can do about it exactly? He may not like Vladimir Putin. Most people don’t like Vladimir Putin. But Vladimir Putin has the largest nuclear stockpile in the world,” he continued.

During the same White House press briefing, a CBS reporter asked why the U.S. should not put troops on the ground in Ukraine, creating a “unified coalition kinetic response.” Another reporter asked if Russia would try to “inspire” sympathizers and white supremacist in the U.S. to commit “acts of violence” on Americans.

“Could it be that Putin controls his own secret white supremacist forces here in the United States and there will be an insurrection at Putin’s command,” Carlson said. “In other words is there a nexus between January 6 and the war on Ukraine? It’s self-discrediting, it’s literally lunacy.” (RELATED: ‘Crazed Recklessness’: Tucker Warns Biden’s Recent Rhetoric Is Something More Than A Gaffe)

Carlson also showed segments of MSNBC host Ali Velshi and Retired Army Maj. John Spencer calling for “direct military involvement” against Russia. In response, Carlson said “zero” MSNBC staffers would die if the U.S. set foot in Ukraine while “many thousands” of Americans likely would.

“This is demented. It’s so completely reckless and crazy, so utterly nihilistic that you’d like to think it’s just one overheated kid in the White House briefing room failing to get his emotions under control after watching too many particularly upsetting news segments from Ukraine,” Carlson said. But everyone in Washington is “ready to push Western civilization off the cliff after watching too much cable news,” he added, and the country has “idiot news anchors” calling for regime change.

“War is the most serious business, obviously, any government conducts,” Carlson added. “You’d think in a moment like this we could get some clear thinkers, some calmer heads as we try to chart a path forward through a very complicated time, but apparently we can’t have that. Instead we’ve got idiot news anchors calling for regime change. ‘Kill Putin!’ Okay, what then?”