Kendall Jenner Ignites The Internet By Tanning Naked

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kendall Jenner posted a nude photo to her Instagram account Sunday, and nearly 8 million people have taken notice by liking her post.

Jenner lay confidently and comfortably atop a beach towel while seemingly scrolling her phone and appeared unfazed by the fact that she was stark naked as someone took her picture. Her upper body was propped up by her elbows, and the model wore a casual green baseball cap on her head with her long hair in a loose ponytail. The hat was the only thing she had on — Jenner crossed one foot over the other while laying on the deck in the buff.


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The supermodel’s long legs were stretched out as she lay naked outdoors, seemingly soaking up the hot heat of the summer sun. Her exposed posterior was on full display for the world to see on social media. There seemed to be nobody else in close proximity, aside from the person took the photo.

That’s all it took to generate an enormous amount of excitement from nearly 8 million fans who shared their support of the nude photo by liking Jenner’s post. The backshot proved to be a popular one, and despite it being her most exposed image in the post, it wasn’t the only one she included in the gallery. (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Supports Travis Scott While Wearing ‘Naked’ Dress)


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Jenner also shared a picture of herself riding a horse as it navigated a jump and a video of a scenic sunset taken from inside a moving vehicle on a two-lane road. The next images were of baskets and plants and of some sushi on a platter.

Jenner hardly bothered with a caption for the post, only using an emoji. The photograph spoke for itself.