Supermodel Takes The Plunge And Swims With Sharks

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Nina Dobrev posted an adventurous video of herself swimming with sharks to her Instagram page Wednesday.

The famous actress set her video to the tune of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away — Love Theme” from the movie “Top Gun.” The video shows Dobrev standing on a boat, preparing to jump into the water, before the camera cuts to a scene that is nothing short of majestic: Dobrev has an up-close-and-personal encounter with a shark that also appears to be enjoying the experience.


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Fans may be stunned to see that the actress isn’t swimming in an enclosed cage; rather, Dobrev is free-diving with the huge fish.

Dobrev’s caption gave fans some insight into her passion for animals and her love of free-diving. “❤️🦈 TIGER SHARKS 🦈❤️
if you’ve been following me for a while you know how much i love free diving with sharks. i used to be afraid of them until i got into the water to try to get over my fear,” Dobrev wrote.

She revealed she’s had many experiences with sharks, but getting in the water with tiger sharks specifically was “a dream” of hers. (RELATED: Nina Dobrev And Adriana Lima Turn Heads On The Cannes ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Red Carpet)


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Dobrev highlighted her relationship with the huge sharks by explaining what they’re really like in their natural environment. “Notice we’re not in a cage. notice how calm the sharks are. they’re not aggressively swimming or trying to bite or attack us. that’s because they are peaceful misunderstood creatures,” Dobrev wrote.

“They’re portrayed in media as vicious killers, but they’re quite the opposite,” she added.

Dobrev detailed the brutal hunting of these sharks for competition, taking a moment to educate her fans about the animal cruelty that exists for sharks in the underwater world.

“HOW IS THIS LEGAL? this needs to stop now,” she wrote. “And big companies and corporations like @cocacola @chevrolet @iheartradio @yamahamusicusa etc need to stop sponsoring these horrible inhumane events. it’s embarrassing.
these are massacres and this trophy hunting devastates a population of sharks that’s already on life support.

“It’s disgraceful,” she added. “Shame on you @cocacola.”

Dobrev concluded her message by saying, “And we NEED the ocean because it makes 70% of the oxygen for US to breathe. Sit with that.”