Hip Hop Star D-Roc Collapses On Stage


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Hip hop star D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins collapsed on stage Friday during the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, Missouri.

Video footage of the incident shows security and crew members rushing to aid the star and dragging his slumped body to the nearest exist. D-Roc was reportedly about 30 minutes into his set at the time of his collapse.

D-Roc appeared to be fine as he entertained the crowd at the concert, headlined by Vanilla Ice, according to TMZ. He wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and the temperatures were in the 80s, according to TMZ. Suddenly, mid-performance, the camera panned to the side to show that D-Roc fell and was no longer coherent.

Concern seemed to grow as the longtime hip hop artist got carried off-stage.

D-Roc posted a video to Instagram on Monday explaining he’d been suffering from extreme dehydration.

He started the video by addressing his fans and thanking them for their outpouring of love. “I wanna thank everybody for their concern. Let me tell you what went on Friday night cause that’s when it happened,” D-Roc said. (RELATED: Carlos Santana Collapses On Stage)


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“It was 84 degrees outside yes, but on stage it made the temperatures rise, so I was getting dehydrated. The only thing y’all were seeing was the fall,” D-Roc told his fans.

The hip hop star said he told his manager he was getting too hot in the moments leading up to his collapse.

“I kept on telling my manager, I was like look, its very hot up here, it’s very hot up here. I kept drinking water, kept drinking water. The next thing I know, I woke up on the golf cart. Paramedics were right there and said I was dehydrated,” D-Roc said in his video.

He wrapped up by telling fans that his recovery included drinking lots of water and Gatorade and getting some sleep. D-Roc performed in Florida the next day.