OnlyFans Star Belle Grace Saves The Life Of One Of Her Subscribers

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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OnlyFans star Belle Grace used to work in the medical field, and her background in healthcare helped save the life of one of her subscribers.

The unidentified man was a regular subscriber and had been engaging with Grace for roughly two years. When she first began chatting with him on the subscription based, adult content website, nothing stood out as being unusual, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle. She then began noticing that one of his testicles appeared to be larger than the other, and her medical training kicked in. It took some time, but she was eventually able to convince the man to see a doctor. “You’ve got one testicle much larger than the other, like, is that ok?” she asked.

“It was in the last 6 months I’ve noticed it was quite big,” Grace said. After spotting the issue she made mention of it to her client.

“It’s been like that for as long as I can remember,” he said, but she insisted that he should get it checked out.

“It took me about four or five weeks, to actually convince him,” Grace added, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle. She kept asking him, “Have you booked that appointment yet? Have you booked that appointment yet?”

The man then admitted that he was hesitant about the situation. “He did turn out and say look I’m really embarrassed about it like I don’t actually wanna go,” Grace told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Grace trusted her instincts and leaned on her experience in healthcare. She continued attempting to persuade him to get examined.

“I said honestly just go you’ll be fine, just get that peace of mind that everything’s ok,” Grace added. (RELATED: Man Sentenced For Castrating Volunteer, Allegedly Pledging To Eat Testicles In Secluded Cabin)

Finally, the man agreed. “He went and they did a scan, like an ultrasound scan, and said basically they could see something, they referred him to the hospital, and literally it went from there, within like 2 weeks, 2 or 3 weeks he’d had it removed, the testicle removed,” Grace said, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

This proved to be a life-saving measure. “It was actually an aggressive form as well, that’s why they did it so fast, it had a chance to spread to other parts of his body, so that’s why they had to remove it so fast,” Grace told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Grace noted that prior to becoming an OnlyFans star, she was earning $1250 a month as a health care worker. She now enjoys a lucrative income of $40-50 k a year, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.