Seth Meyers And Lizzo Get Drunk, Engage In Shenanigans

Screenshot/YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Television host Seth Meyers went day drinking with pop star Lizzo on “Late Night” and the pair got just the right amount of tipsy to engage in some hilarious shenanigans.

Meyers and Lizzo were downing shots pretty quickly and seemed to have it all under control – until they didn’t. It wasn’t long before they were both laughing hysterically at the most absurdly boring jokes. They kicked off the segment with Meyers challenging Lizzo to view a series of images of herself in fancy dresses and declare which event she wore them to. If she could recall where she wore each one, he would have to drink, but if not, she would have to do a shot.

The fabulously funny moment continued with a very random suggestion from Meyers. He decided it would be a lot of fun to call his father and leave a voice message for him. When it was Lizzo’s turn to say hello to his dad, she leaned in to the phone and shouted “Bye Bitch!” then broke out into uncontrollable laughter.

Lizzo entertained the audience by mistaking one of the crew members for Paul Rudd, even though he revealed his face by taking off his mask, only for Lizzo to discover he looked absolutely nothing like Rudd at all. (RELATED: ‘Is That My Stripper Name?: Local News Broadcast Goes Off The Rails)

“You’re laughing at a lot of dumb shit today,” Seth said to Lizzo while slurring his words.

“Well … you’re welcome,” Lizzo giggled.

Meyers presented himself as a comical drunk. The more alcohol he consumed, the sillier he became.

He introduced  the next segment as being “f*cking dumb; it’s the dumbest one we’ve ever done,” then proceeded to launch into dry humor with a series of Nog Nog jokes.

The drinking session ended with both stars looking buzzed, happy, and completely unable to stop laughing.