The Royal Family Is Ramping Up For 2023. Here’s What To Expect

(Photo by Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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On May 6, 2023, Great Britain will crown their new King Charles III, and he’s already demanding the British public pay for a huge ceremony and a fair few other changes.

The King rejected the concept of a cut-price coronation, and wants his special day to be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, according to The Telegraph. Apparently the death of the King’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and her funeral “was a great advertisement for Britain,” the outlet noted.

Aids reportedly told the King that the only elements that were to be removed in the cut-price coronation would be those already considered outdated and cumbersome, but he’s having none of it, setting a stern tone for his Monarchy, The Telegraph noted. Despite the cost of living crisis forcing many Britons to choose between eating and heating this winter, the King’s party must be done to the highest degree to promote Britain’s international standing.

The new King is also handing out new titles. On Thursday, he gave future Queen of England, his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton the honorary title of Colonel of the Irish Guards, despite Ireland not being part of Great Britain.

What else can we expect from the revamped Royal family in 2023?

Well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be making their mark with a series of Netflix documentaries. The first was focused on them, their love story, and their life under the crown. The next, “Live to Lead,” looks utterly garbage, but could end up being an interesting historical piece on some of our leaders from the last 50 years or so. (RELATED: The New King Charles Penny Draws In The Most Brutal Joke Ever)

Anne, Princess Royal, seems to have the busiest calendar throughout 2023, likely taking the place of her younger brother, Andrew, who has essentially been publicly ostracized since his relationship with notorious child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein became common knowledge.

As all viewers of “The Crown” know all too well, the Monarchy essentially exists to serve we the people, and are able to keep collecting their paychecks from our taxes so long as they stay in favor with the press. Without the royal family, Britain risks losing the entire commonwealth and the money from every country controlled by the crown. It’ll be interesting to see where public opinion on the family lies by this time next year.