Texas A&M Forced To Start Game Against Florida Down 1-0 After Causing Delay Due To Forgetting Jerseys At Team Hotel

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How on Earth do you forget your jerseys?

The Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball team squared off against the University of Florida (UF) Gators in Gainesville on Jan. 4, with tipoff originally scheduled for 7:00 p.m. But the game was delayed for a bizarre reason we thought we’d never see, and will probably never witness again.

The Aggies left their uniforms at the team hotel, and apparently they didn’t realize until literally just a few minutes before the game was supposed to start. They’d been wearing their practice attire practically until tipoff.

Texas A&M was hit with a technical and Florida was given a free throw due to the delay, with the Gators choosing guard Will Richard to go to the line. Richard hit the shot, and suddenly UF was winning the game 1-0 before it even started.

Seriously though, how the hell do you forget your jerseys?

Jerseys are one of the main aspects of sports, and they should be the traveling staff’s number-one priority. I mean, seriously, how were they not? You don’t drive without your keys, do you? You don’t walk without your legs, right?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas A&M ended up firing these guys. Not only are you getting technicals thrown at you for delaying games and changing the pace of an entire sport, but this is extraordinarily embarrassing to the school. I just don’t understand how you forget the jerseys.

The boneheadedness is real with this one.