Tom Brady’s ‘New Girlfriend’ Veronika Rajek Smacks Back At Haters Who Call Her Assets Fake, Gets Her Doctor Involved

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Damn, I love Barstool Sports.

Two great bloggers over at Barstool Sports by the names of Jerry Thornton and Francis (no last name) have been producing some absolutely beautiful content about Tom Brady‘s “new girlfriend” Veronika Rajek — an online rumor that Barstool picked up and gloriously rode with until it became a “thing.” It’s fantastic. (No, they’re not dating. Rajek is actually married to somebody else.)

It all started when Jerry Thornton wrote the first blog with a headline that read, “Veronika Rajek, the Model Whose Body is Too Dangerous for Social Media, is Aggressively Shooting Her Shot at Tom Brady”

The blog highlighted that Rajek was wearing a Tom Brady jersey while at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, which obviously led to Barstool concluding that she was “shooting her shot.” The story flew from there.

Then came the next Barstool headline, this time from Francis: “Tom Brady’s New Girlfriend Follows Me On Instagram, But I’m Not Interested” — this blog features several screenshots of messages that Francis was planning on sending to Rajek, including calling her a “siren witch,” before he ultimately blocked her, and then followed her back and sent her an apology saying he was a having a “bad day.”

I highly suggest you read that blog, because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Then comes the next glorious piece of the story: “Tom Brady’s New Girlfriend Followed Me Back After I Blocked Her, And Now I’m Fighting With Her Husband,” which features Francis “arguing” with, you guessed it, her husband — it’s actually him taking a bunch of screenshots of messages that he wanted to send to him, but didn’t actually send. Again, I highly recommend you read this blog as well so you can see everything, this shit is straight gold. (RELATED: Paige Spiranac Declares Notre Dame Football As The Worst Fan Base In Sports, And She’s Absolutely Correct)

And now that everybody is caught up (because I know not everybody is a big Barstool fan like me), we now get to the latest development: “Tom Brady’s ‘New Girlfriend’ Has Proof They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular.”

Having a whopping 3.5 million followers on her Instagram, a solid number of them have apparently questioned whether Rajek’s, erm — I’ll use a WWE Attitude Era term — “puppies” are manufactured in a pretty lady factory or gifted to her by God.

Come to find out, she revealed a while ago (back in 2021 as a matter of fact) that they are, indeed, real:

By the way, did you peep how it said “Small Parts Report” on her sonogram? Not sure what that’s about. There certainly weren’t any “small parts” on display in the first part of the video.

But anyway, there we have it, ladies and gentlemen: her puppies are 100% real.

Now how’s that for journalism?