Hollywood Star Suzanne Somers Reveals Secret To Keeping Marital Spark Alive At 76

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Three’s Company” actress Suzanne Somers discussed how she and her husband of 55 years, 86-year-old Alan Hamel, keep the spark alive in their marriage, one year after revealing they have sex multiple times a day.

Somers, 76, appeared in the January issue of First For Women magazine, where she backed up her previous statements about maintaining an active sex life well past her prime. “At this stage of life, most people think that’s over the hill. What time is it, noon? I had sex with him three times so far today,” Somers said on the “Heather Dubrow’s World” podcast in 2021.

“We compliment and spoil one another,” Somers told First For Women, according to Daily Mail.

Somers and Hamel keep the spark alive in their marriage by maintaining a loving bond with one another and paying close attention to each other’s physical and emotional wellbeing, according to Daily Mail.

“It’s about honoring and respecting one another and giving your partner what they need,” Somers said, the outlet reported. She went on to share some details about what her morning routine is like with Hamel.

“He starts off my day in a romantic bliss, and we just try to keep it going,” Somers said. (RELATED: ‘I Really Like Doggy Style’: Hailey Bieber Gets Really Revealing In Interview)

Each day allegedly begins with a loving gesture from Hamel, and Somers is apparently more than willing to reciprocate.

“Every morning he makes me coffee and brings it to me in bed,” she said, according to Daily Mail.

Somers reportedly maintains her youthful glow and high energy level by carefully selecting the food she consumes. She revealed she only eats organic, and said she uses fresh herbs for medicinal purposes, according to the outlet.

“It’s as though nature knew we’d be bombarded with free radicals and chemicals coming into our bodies all the time,” she said, Daily Mail reported. “Bringing these antioxidants into your food helps eliminate free radicals.”