Water From Shuttered Disney Ride Going For $150 A Jar On Ebay

(Photo by Bryan R. Smith / AFP) (Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images)

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Water from a now-shuttered and much-beloved Disney attraction is reportedly selling for a hefty price on eBay.

Splash Mountain officially closed at Walt Disney World on Monday after 30 years of thrilling park goers with a watery plunge into a briar patch. In the summer of 2020 Disney announced the ride, based on the 1946 film “Song of the South,” would be rethemed and updated to feature one of Disney’s newer princesses, Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog,” ScreenCrush reported.

When Disney announced the final sailing would be Jan. 22, fans, young and old, flooded into the park for one last go on the iconic ride with wait times exceeding four hours, the New York Post reported. While some fans came to say their fond farewells to Br’er Rabbit, others came for more opportunistic reasons.

Since the iconic attraction’s closing, dozens of postings purporting to be water from the ride have appeared on eBay, WFLA reported.

“Water captured from [Disney’s] Splash Mountain on 1/22/2023 the last day of the ride! We have a limited amount! One for auction the others a BIN,” a tag line for one 4oz jar read.

Another listing, promises to send the water in a different container given that it was captured in a “favorite” water bottle.

One other Disney fan chose to poke fun at the attempts by creating a $25,000 posting of their own. “Splash mountain bag and tap water from my sink,” the description read. “This is obviously just for fun and to make fun of the people who are really selling water from a ride. I’m a Disney fan but come [on] people has the world gotten so doomed that people would buy water from a ride. Smh if you really want this water buy it. I’ll even do free shipping!” the posting read. (RELATED: Sales Of Dr. Seuss Books Skyrocket After Publisher Pulls 6 Books For Racial Insensitivity)

Disney is planning to finish renovations and open Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in late 2024, the Disney Parks website stated.