‘Don’t Let That Ring Get You Beat TF Up’: JuJu Smith-Schuster Puts Out Bizarre Video That Furthers Beef With AJ Brown

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This whole situation is both weird and hilarious.

Fellow wide receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster (Kansas City Chiefs) and A.J. Brown (Philadelphia Eagles) apparently aren’t fans of each other whatsoever, and it looks like the beef between the two has ratcheted up.

Smith-Schuster trolled Eagles cornerback James Bradberry with a Valentine’s Day meme only a couple days after Philly took an L to Kansas City in Super Bowl LVII. The Tweet shows a digital valentine that reads, “I’ll hold you when it matters most,” which is a reference to a holding call placed on Bradberry that eventually lost the big game for the Birds.

Brown labeled Smith-Schuster a “Tik-Tok boy” in response.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, and things have only heated up between the two.

“You really need to find you somebody else to play with,” Brown said to Smith-Schuster in since-deleted Tweets (because of course). “Don’t let that ring get you beat tf up.”

Brown also appeared to send Smith-Schuster a direct message: “You better go to Cabo and enjoy your ring and stop f—king w me.”

Brown’s apparent irritation allegedly stems from a video posted on social media featuring Smith-Schuster and bagging on the Eagles pretty hard.

A strange-ass video, and I’m not sure what everything in it means, but I do know this: This beef is going to be so extraordinarily entertaining to watch. (RELATED: Watch Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Play Indiana Jones To Promote Upcoming SNL Appearance)

Get your popcorn ready.