The Chicago Cubs Have The Coolest Piece Of Alcoholic Swag. It’s Called A ‘Beer Bat’

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Baseball season just got a lot better.

So while going through stories to blog about, I came across a Barstool Sports piece from their very own Carl, who is doing some glorious stadium reviews this year. And in this video (currently covering the Cactus League), Carl started the series off with Sloan Park — home of the Chicago Cubs: spring training edition.

He went over several aspects of the park, rating its hotdogs, its bathrooms, its brutally long lines to buy merch and so on. But there was one particular thing that Carl covered that I found absolutely fantastic…

The beer bat.


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And speaking of those ferocious lines, I’m not kidding:

With that last video, that’s pure baseball fever. You can tell those Cubs fans are excited for the season. I personally would have gotten my merch online, but shout out to these people for braving out those lines for their team. That’s passion.

Back to the beer bat though. I did some research while writing this post blog and found out that my Atlanta Braves (and from the looks of it, all MLB teams) have beer bats, and oh my God, man … I got so excited that I purchased four of them in the middle of my workday. As far as the wife is concerned, I’ll deal with that smoke later, because I literally just spent $100 on beer bats. (RELATED: NHL Reporter Mike Harrington Intimidated A Little Girl And Needs To Be Publicly Shamed For It)

Dude, baseball season is about to be so much better with these things — the glory!