‘Gone With The Wind’ Publisher Calls Book ‘Harmful’

Gone with the Wind YouTube screenshot/Movie Moments

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Book publisher Pan Macmillan noted in its latest 2022 edition of “Gone With The Wind” that the classic novel has “racist” depictions and “problematic elements including the romanticisation of a shocking era in our history and the horrors of slavery.”

The novel, published in 1936, is about how the North’s invasion of the South during the Civil War threatens Scarlett O’Hara’s way of life. The statement says that while the book publisher has obtained and will not change the original text by author, Margaret Mitchell, the publisher does not endorse the book, The Telegraph reported. (RELATED: ‘We’re Already In A Civil War’: Billy Porter Sounds Off On Anti-Transgender Legislation Across Country)

“The novel includes the representation of unacceptable practices, racist and stereotypical depictions and troubling themes, characterisation, language and imagery.”

The statement goes on to say that while the text of the book has remained intact and original, readers should know about “harmful phrases and terminology” prevalent when the novel was written.

“Pan Macmillan believes changing the text to reflect today’s world would undermine the authenticity of the original, so has chosen to leave the text in its entirety. This does not, however, constitute an endorsement of the characterisation, content or language used.”

Other publishers have recently chosen to edit original texts to be less offensive by current standards, including Ian Fleming’s James Bond series and Roald Dahl’s popular children’s books.