Video Shows Incredible UFO Fleet Flying Over New Mexico

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — UFO Sightings Daily]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Here we go with another UFO sighting — and this time it’s an entire fleet.

While on a flight to Los Angeles and flying over New Mexico, an airline passenger caught on video a mysterious group of glowing lights, six to be exact, hovering in the sky. The bizarre sighting reportedly happened in May of this year, coming to light this week with UFO Sightings Daily publishing the video.

Originally, the bright orbs “appeared in three rows stacked two per row,” but “as the objects traveled alongside our aircraft they would slowly form a stagnated straight line.” At an altitude of around 30,000 feet, the plan was located near the town of Taos at the time of the sighting, according to the witness.

“When I first noticed the objects, the lights coming from them appeared a bright yellowish-orange color with a flame-like appearance,” recalled the witness.

“These six objects would eventually enter a large cloud bank,” said the flyer, later saying that at the end of the experience, the lights just “blinked off” and vanished without a trace, rather than “ascend or descend” like a normal aircraft.


We can say these are aliens, we can say this is the government, hell, we can even say this is both, but all I know is that things are getting stranger and stranger, and in the process of everything, we’re having more and more UFO sightings. (RELATED: RED ALERT! We Have A Potential Bigfoot Sighting, And It’s Not The Same Ol’ Blurry Video We’re Accustomed To)

And with this one in particular, having a whole fleet, you can’t help but to think of ish like this:

We should totally make a modern-day “Mars Attacks!,” by the way. What a classic.