This Wild Ass Art Gallery Seems Like It Exists Solely For Drug Dealers

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Man … it really be going down in the Netherlands though.

So as I was ranting about my Miami Dolphins after the horrible officiating Sunday night (you can peep that here and here) and defending Greg Olsen’s Roger Stone-esque swag, one of my editors sent an interesting video my way for a potential blog — little did I know, my boy was putting me right into MC Hammer’s old crib that sent him straight into bankruptcy.

Allow me to introduce you to CJS Gallery, an art gallery based out of Zwanenburg, Netherlands (because, of course, it’s in the Netherlands, and only 20 minutes from Amsterdam — shocker!) that makes hip-hop influenced luxury art pieces that include items such as Rolex watches, Ferrari emblems, stacks of cash, bottles of liquor, guns (big ones) and huge king-looking lions and gorillas smoking cigars. And yes, all of it is super expensive.

It’s actually quite cool stuff if you’re into hip hop culture like me, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it reminds me of Tony Montana making a crap load of drug money on “Scarface” resulting in him buying a damn pet tiger.

Just check out this art:

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See what I mean by the drug dealer vibe?

Totally something my man Tony was doing back in the 80s…

And another thing, it also reminds me of when Michael Jackson went on that epically extravagant shopping trip in Vegas…

Man, it must be nice to be that rich, but even if I was, I couldn’t imagine spending $50,000 on a big-ass gorilla statue. (RELATED: The Sports Blogs Might Hate ‘Em, But I’m Absolutely Diggin’ The Colts New Unis)

I’ll leave it to the drug dealers and Chapter 11 folks.