Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Documents Her Boob Job At Age 19


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Sami Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ 19-year-old daughter, underwent breast enhancement surgery, and documented the experience on social media.

The 19-year-old proceeded with the boob job against Richard’s wishes, according to Daily Mail. Sami excitedly posted about the surgery in advance of her appointment, and continued to snap video and photo footage both before and after her surgical procedure. “It’s surgery time!” Sami wrote to her TikTok account, in a video that can be seen here.

Sami confessed to wanting bigger breasts as a way to enhance her OnlyFans career. She shared images of the markings the plastic surgeons put on her body to map out the size of her implants, and the incision site. Sami posed for a selfie while lifting her t-shirt in front of a mirror, exposing her underboobs as a “before” photo as she prepared to go under the knife.

She shared images of herself in a green hospital gown and medical bonnet as she awaited the start of her procedure, and captioned the image with the words, “all dressed and ready for my new rack.”

The next image in the gallery was of Sami being pushed in a wheelchair, post-op. She had her back to the camera and the caption read, “I did it!”

The final image was of Sami lying in bed, propped up by a number of pillows, with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Her shirt was open at the front and there was a piece of tape across the top of her chest. Sami commented on the IV drip that was in her arm.

“Back home now super happy, and loving whatever they put in my IV,” Sami wrote as the caption.

The gallery of images played as a slideshow and was set to the song Kay-P, Never Dat! (RELATED:


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The lyrics in the song reference a man that proceeds to have sex with his girlfriend even though she is fresh out a cosmetic surgery procedure. (RELATED: Denise Richards Slammed For ‘Sick’ OnlyFans Collaboration With Her Daughter)

Richard spoke out prior to the procedure, saying she was “‘trying to talk her out of it,” according to Bustle.

Sami has yet to share post-op images of her new breast size.