Morgan Wallen-Inspired Mental Breakdowns Go Viral On Twitter

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Morgan Wallen went viral Thursday on Twitter because he was the #1 most streamed songwriter of the year for most Americans … and a handful of tasteless music novices really didn’t like it.

Morgan Wallen wrote the soundtrack to America’s 2023, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. In fact, Wallen was so popular in 2023 that not even Taylor Swift superfan and Daily Caller legend James Lynch could disagree with my last editorial outlining why he’s the best country singer, and probably overall songwriter, of this moment in history.

But a lot of people (possibly bots) on Twitter were absolutely livid at Wallen’s success, even though his songs are like, really good. But it turns out people are literally (in the metaphorical sense) dying because Wallen is so popular.

“Everytime I see someone with Morgan Wallen in their Top 5 on Spotify wrapped I lose one year of my lifespan,” said one seemingly hysterical Twitter user.

“Don’t post your Spotify wrapped if there’s Morgan Wallen in there,” wrote on user, just with way worse grammar and a lot more emojis. “If you have Morgan Wallen in your Spotify wrapped I know exactly what kind of person you are,” wrote another, presumably referring to people like you and I having incredible taste in music. That’s definitely the kind of person I am.

“I judge no one for their Spotify wrapped unless they have Morgan Wallen in which case I judge the shit out of them,” another gentleman stated. One presumes he’s judging how amazing our taste in music is too, right? Right?! (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Shares Devastating Injury That Changed His Life)

My favorite post came from someone who describes themselves as “Nickelback’s #1 Fan.” They said, “me personally? I wouldn’t be posting my Spotify wrapped if Morgan Wallen was on it.” I’ll leave you to come up with your own reaction to the hilarity of this last post.