Woman Allegedly Stole Man’s Rolex By Faking ‘Female Emergency’: REPORT

(Photo by MICHAEL BUHOLZER/AFP via Getty Images)

John Oyewale Contributor
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An upstate New York woman appeared before a Florida judge Monday for allegedly stealing a man’s Rolex wristwatch, WPLG Local 10 News reported.

An arrest report stated Myles’ alleged victim met her in July 2022 and took her back to his apartment after a night of drinking, according to WPLG. Myles allegedly complained of a “female emergency” and asked her alleged victim to go and get some items she needed from a store, police said. The alleged victim said he could not find Myles or his $20,000 wristwatch when he returned, WPLG reported.

The alleged victim reached out to police detectives and submitted Myles’ photographs and phone number, according to WPLG. Myles, who police have reportedly identified as the suspect in several Rolex thefts, was arrested Sunday for three counts of grand theft and is currently being held in a detention facility, her arrest records showed. (RELATED: Billionaire Heir And TV Star Robbed After Alleged Thief Reportedly Tracked Celebrity Through Social Media)

Rolex watch theft has occurred more than once in Florida counties Broward and Miami-Dade, a separate WPLG news report noted. One Miami-Dade resident, who had recently moved from Israel, lost an inherited Rolex watch in September after a woman he picked up from a hotel during a drinking spree allegedly stole the heirloom.

“I treat every girl like a queen,” he said, per WPLG. “She told me that she wants (a) back massage. She told me to get my hands and (take off) my watch.”

Aventura Police Chief Michael Bentolila promised to investigate the theft, adding, per WPLG, “He’s a victim of a very good performance. He’s not a victim of anything else other than that.”