‘You Know I Like Toes’: ESPN’s Rex Ryan Is Officially The Grossest Man On Television With Foot Fetish Reference

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Ain’t nothing wrong with liking beautiful women … but this is just outright nasty.

Rex Ryan, who is a former NFL coach and current superstar talent on ESPN (says a lot about Disney nowadays), made his opinion known Monday regarding Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney being lined up in the neutral zone that ruined what would have been one of the greatest touchdowns in National Football League history.

Late in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills, Toney was hit with an offsides penalty, which resulted in Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes absolutely losing his mind following the drive ending shortly later. After the game, the two-time Super Bowl champion hammered the referees, while also receiving backlash himself from NFL fans across the league for complaining. (RELATED: Eagles And Cowboys Fans Brawl It Out All Over AT&T Stadium, With One Fight Destroying A Charity Auction Setup)

Well, Ryan decided to put in his two cents Monday on ESPN’s “Get Up.” Nothing wrong there, except for the fact he’s annoying, corny and cringe … oh, and he also referenced the foot fetish he has. Nasty.

“This guy right here — line the heck up,” said Ryan. “… I just said, this is a toe I don’t like. You know I like toes. I don’t like this toe. Come on. Line up on fricking sides for crying out loud.”

I’m just now finding this out, but apparently this is a thing that’s been publicly known for awhile — maybe you knew too and I’ve been sleeping under a rock.

Rex Ryan is the grossest man on television. Ew.