Influencer Boasts About Her 35 Sexual Partners


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Social media influencer Brittany Renner boldly declared she has no regrets about having had 35 sexual partners.

The 31-year-old Renner confidently asserted that it was her right to explore as many sexual partners as she wishes, during her Dec. 21 guest appearance on the “Behind the Likes” podcast.

“I’m not sorry for a muthafuckin’ thing I did,” Renner told hosts Chy Fontenette and Winter Blanco. “I don’t regret anyone I sucked, fucked or swallowed. I don’t have to do all that and I am still gonna get everything I want.”

Renner first admitted she had slept with at least 35 people during a drunken podcast interview with Charleston White in August. Many fans felt she would deeply regret her public proclamation, but she has maintained her stance and doubled down.

“I think I’m just being myself,” she said on “Behind the Likes.”

“I have no problem taking accountability. I’m not about to sit here and be like everything is so grand … there is nothing I can do differently,” she added.

Renner admitted to being drunk during many of her escapades, and said she has no issue sharing her “truth” about her body count.


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The influencer continued to defend her position, and nonchalantly waived off the criticism of those that believe she has slept with too many men.

“I always kept a list. I think that the bigger message is even if it was 31,000 … like why does that matter? When I say it, I don’t want a cookie. It’s just my truth,” she said. (RELATED: Trump-Supporting Rapper Sexxy Red Claims Hack After Sex Tape Was Posted To Her Own Instagram Story)

The “Basketball Wives” star has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram alone, and been linked to the likes of rapper Lil Uzi Vert, Kevin Samuels, James Harden, and Colin Kaepernick, according to Yahoo Entertainment.