Malfunctioning Animatronic Or Justin Trudeau Clapping Like A Drugged-Up Seal? Daily Caller Investigates


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Wednesday appeared to show someone, or something, resembling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “applauding” at a women’s hockey match … we’ve never seen a human move like this before, so what is it?

Trudeau is in the headlines again for being a total freaking weirdo, to the point where I’m not even convinced it’s really him applauding at the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) game between Ottawa and Boston on Wednesday night, as seen in a video shared on Twitter. Though the video is only three seconds long, it feels like we’re watching the robotic version of Trudeau just before he’s about to burst into flames … and it’s mesmerizing.

I mean, what the heck is wrong with his face? And his hands? And those hollow cavernous spaces where his eyes are supposed to be? The only time I’ve seen anything on Earth act like this was when one of the animatronic horrors on “It’s A Small World” started to glitch, so perhaps this isn’t even really Trudeau. Perhaps the Canadians finally rolled out their own robot leader because the real one was such a pansy?

Or maybe Trudeau is just doing his best impression of a fugly seal learning to clap, and we’re all watching this clip out of context … just kidding. He’s just a weird, embarrassing dictator whom Canada chose to represent them (which is gross, Canada, do better).

Also, who the heck is Trudeau trying to impress with this blatantly staged enthusiasm? Female hockey players? Please. Any female hockey player worth their salt would look at a scrawny little tyrant like Trudeau and go full Shoresy. They probably eat bigger pieces of meat than him on a daily basis. (RELATED: Case Of The Mondays? Justin Trudeau’s New Haircut Will Cheer You Up)

Sorry Turdeau (yes, I spelled this incorrectly on purpose), you’re not fooling anyone.