Unidentified Drone Delays AFC Championship Between Chiefs-Ravens After Flying Over M&T Bank Stadium

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Woah … the AFC Championship gave us a little UFO mystery (not that kind of UFO).

The Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens squared off Sunday for the AFC Championship and a berth into the Super Bowl, but during the first quarter, an “administrative timeout” was called by officials in the first quarter.

If you didn’t know, officials doing something like this in the first quarter is quite the rare happening, and it understandably left everyone confused — players, coaches, fans, everybody. Well, come to find out, the timeout was called because of an unidentified drone that was flying over M&T Bank Stadium. (RELATED: A $150,000 Travesty: This Truly Has To Be The Greatest Scandal Ever In The History Of Fantasy Football)

Jim Nantz, a sportscaster for CBS, gave confirmation that the drone wasn’t associated with the television outlet.

This is the second time that a drone has caused a delay at MT&T Bank Stadium. Back in Week 11, the same thing happened when the Ravens were hosting the Cincinnati Bengals during a “Thursday Night Football” game.

And let the conspiracy theories begin…

You could easily speculate that CBS flubbed up and blatantly lied to cover up that flubbing up, you could say the Harbaughs are up to no good with John Harbaugh being the head coach of the Ravens (ya know, the Michigan cheating scandal with his brother Jim), hell, you could even go off the wall and say that it’s aliens. And let’s also not forget that terrorism is still a thing.

Whatever it was, all this situation did was leave me more confused than anything — and we’ll probably never know what that drone was.