Wild Video Shows Police Detaining N3on In Case Of Apparent Clerical Error


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A wild video released Wednesday showing famous YouTuber N3on getting pulled over by deputies in West Hollywood has gone viral.

The video appeared to show the police handcuffing one of N3on’s friends as the 19-year-old influencer pleaded with police to tell him why they felt that was a necessary move. N3on asked repeatedly to gain insight on why this scene was unfolding. One of the officers said a member of N3on’s entourage was “making it worse” by yelling. An officer then allegedly drew his weapon. The officer appeared to demand that the men in the vehicle place their hands on the headrests as he allegedly pointed his gun at them.

The video showed N3on’s friend yelling from outside of the car as he was being taken into custody. N3on and his passenger were visibly rattled by the experience as they continued to grapple with what was happening around them.

Many minutes passed in this state of sheer confusion. The police eventually shouted out at N3on, telling him to put his phone down and rest his hands on the car while he was still seated inside. The camera continued rolling and captured the remainder of the ordeal.


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Police ordered N3on at gunpoint to exit his vehicle, citing standard operating procedure for a felony stop, according to TMZ.

It turned out that N3on’s car had recently been stolen and was recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department. The police had not updated their systems to reflect the fact that the car had been located and returned to its rightful owner, which ultimately triggered their response at the time they pulled N3on over, according to TMZ.(RELATED: REPORT: Music Producer Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive)

The police released N3on without further incident.