‘Canceling Out Humanity’: Pope Francis Slams ‘Ugly’ Gender Ideology

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Pope Francis said Friday that the “ugly ideology” of so-called gender theory is threatening humanity and has commissioned studies into its dangers.

The Pope made his statements during a two-day “Man-Woman: Image of God. Towards an Anthropology of Vocations” conference at the Vatican, according to Vatican News. He said that “gender ideology” is a threat as it attempts to remove the obvious differences between the two genders. “I have asked that studies be carried out into this ugly ideology of our times, which cancels out the differences and makes everything the same,” the Pope told conference attendees, according to Reuters. “Canceling out the differences means canceling out humanity.”

He urged audience members to read “Lord of the World,” a dystopian novel about a society without religion that has been taken over by technology, written in 1907 by a Catholic priest Robert Hugh Benson, according to Prodigal Catholic. “Read it if you have time, because it speaks of these problems of today,” the Pope stated.

The Pope’s decision to suggest the novel is somewhat of a terrifyingly poignant insight into how he feels about the problems facing the planet as a whole, not just gender ideology. (RELATED: Pope Francis Says We Are Living Through A ‘Third World War’)

The advancement of technology described in “Lord of the World” is eerily similar to what we’re seeing today. It involves forms of mass communication, rapid transport and air travel, secular humanism, and weapons of mass destruction. These factors combine with the end of Christianity, bringing about the end of the world.