‘Man Up!’: Shaq Tears Into Ben Simmons For Always Getting Massive Contracts But Somehow Always Getting Injured

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Just Shaq being Shaq … ya gotta love it.

Superstar (do we still call him superstar?) Ben Simmons has officially been ruled out for the remainder of the 2023-24 campaign. And though Shaquille O’Neal tore into Simmons for yet ANOTHER injury, he also came away sort of impressed with how Ben is handling things.

Speaking on the most recent edition of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” the four-time NBA champion explained how he’s in utter shock how Simmons can make a ton of money while barely playing. (RELATED: ‘Hell No’: James Harden Keeps It 100% Real Regarding How He Feels About Daryl Morey)

Things sparked up when co-host Adam Lefkoe questioned, “Who are the NBA players that you would legitimately buy a ticket for to go watch because you find them entertaining?”

Not hesitating whatsoever, the Big Diesel straight-up said, “Ben Simmons.”

“Because I would want to learn how you can make $80 million and play 55 games. Teach me,” said Shaq. “Teach me how you could play 55 games in three seasons and get $30 million, $40 million and get another $40 million just by saying your back hurt. Get some fucking Icy Hot. Man up.”


As you just heard, Shaq was brutally honest, and right at that.

I’m like Shaq … Ben Simmons seems to be a bit of a puff, sure, but you can’t help but be impressed with this sort of hustle he’s on. If I could get paid $40 million a year and be able to preserve my body, I’d take it.

Why wouldn’t you?