Comedian Recreates ‘Impractical Jokers’ Skit At Feminist Event. It Went Perfectly … But Not For The Feminists

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An Australian recreation of a classic “Impractical Jokers” skit went very wrong Wednesday after a bunch of feminists didn’t find it funny, surprising literally no one.

While most of us are aware that feminists are allergic to fun, one Australian comic went out of his way to really prove the point with a brilliant recreation of a famous “Impractical Jokers” skit in Sydney, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Comedian Jack Steele, co-founder of “The Inspired Unemployed” joined a free “feminist discussion” hosted by feminists Antoinette Lattouf, Clementine Ford and Yumi Stynes.

The discussion was supposed to focus on “insightful discourse and thought-provoking discussions” about “sex, love, relationships, and marriage.” But as the discussion unfolded, Steele seemed to be the only person there who actually wanted people to enjoy themselves — playing off a truly brutal skit from “Impractical Jokers” where the team psychologically ransacked a women’s panel by getting cast member Brian Quinn to give the most misogynistic answers possible. (RELATED: Viral Video Blames Feminist Movement For Why Women Hate Men, But The Real Reason Is Way Simpler)

The purpose is to “punish” the comedians by putting them in the most awkward situations, making them say and do awful things in front of an unsuspecting audience. It is disgustingly beautiful to watch.

Apparently, when Steele was asked about sexual consent, he replied, “Yeah, chicks dig consent.”

Things only got better when someone noted all the female panelists were authors. “Oh, yeah, I really like girl writers,” Steele said to audible groans from the audience, the Herald noted. Steele’s commitment to the prank was so good that a bunch of Karen ladies literally got up and walked out.

All three of the female panelists were in on the joke. But apparently, their fans felt let down by the entire experience. “Just wasted an hour of my time which I’ll never get back,” wrote one attendee who apparently doesn’t understand jokes. “The poor woman sitting behind me was crying … I’ll be ok, but this show probably should have come with a trigger warning.” (RELATED: ‘You’re Actually The One Who’s Brainwashed’: Natalie Winters Steamrolls Feminists Sitting Straight Across From Her)

“Unfortunately, any opportunity for insightful discourse was overshadowed by the painfully unfunny man who made a complete mockery of what could have been a really interesting panel,” said another. “Very poorly executed ‘bit’ at the expense of the audience. So disappointing.”

I am so jealous of these women. I wish my problems were as small as a comedian being funny for 30 minutes and me not understanding it.

In my opinion, if you need a trigger warning for jokes then you are probably not the most Darwinian members of our species. I have zero sympathy for those offended by something that has literally nothing to do with them.

I am going to start following The Inspired Unemployed … so long as they don’t go soft after all this blubbering from a bunch of women with comedy allergies.