Ric Flair Says He Suffered A Heart Attack During His Last Match


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is wild!

Ric Flair, one of the greatest wrestlers ever to do it, says he suffered a heart attack during his last match.

Talking to doctors, Flair was told he had a heart attack sometime in the past two years, and the legend himself thinks he knows when it went down.

Making a recent appearance on “The Jaxxon Podcast,” Flair said he was told this information near the end of 2023, and according to the legend himself, it took place back on July 31, 2022 when he performed in his last match. (RELATED: Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Clashes With Sumo Wrestler While On Asian Tour)

“I went to get what’s called a calcium scan, which I’d never had before, because a couple of guys died in our business of heart issues so it kind of scared me,” Flair said. “They give you the nuclear stress test, shoot you with the dye, put you on the treadmill, everything. It’s two days of three hours of tests. This is six months ago. The guy takes me in, and if you look at your heart like a round pie, there’s a piece of my heart right here this big, it’s black, it’s gone.”

“The guy said, ‘You’ve had a heart attack in the last two years,” he added.

Absolutely crazy story if true, and I have no reason to not believe Ric.