Mysonne Pollard’s Hilarious ‘Jacksonville’ Mistake Will Surely Make For One Hell Of An Introduction At New School

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Imagine thinking you’re going to Jacksonville, Florida … only to end up in Jacksonville, Alabama (LMAO).

Commitment graphics have become a part of student-athlete culture as a way to commemorate the progression of careers, a way to officially announce a next step. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high school football player transitioning to college or a college player transferring schools, these graphics are usually all over the place on social media during the offseason.

And they range from any style … simple, complex, shocking, funny, corny, boring, all of that. And some of them are just flat out wrong. (RELATED: EA Sports Drops Official Reveal Trailer For ‘College Football 25’, And It’s Clear This Game Is Going To Be Pure Flames)

Insert new Jacksonville State defensive back Mysonne Pollard, who made a hilarious mistake that will surely make for one hell of an introduction at JSU.

Being named an All-American in Junior College football with the Monroe Mustangs, Pollard was ready to move up to a Group of Five university, which is why he made the move to Jacksonville State. But there was just one problem with his commitment graphic: It was of Jacksonville, Florida … Jacksonville State is in Jacksonville, Alabama.

Oh boy …

It is what it is when it comes to the people of Jacksonville State and how they feel about this situation, but holy hell, the thought of Mysonne Pollard’s potential experience makes me giggle. Like I said earlier … imagine thinking you’re going to Jacksonville, Florida, just to end up in Jacksonville, Alabama.

LMAO! The thought of that is friggin’ hilarious.