Multiple People Killed, Dozens Injured After Tornado Destroys Small Town In Iowa

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Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A tornado in Iowa destroyed homes and businesses in a small town, killing multiple people and injuring dozens, The Associated Press (AP) reported Wednesday.

The tornado, along with hail and heavy rain, felled trees, smashed cars and threw debris across much of Greenfield, a town of 2,000 southwest of Des Moines, according to The AP.

“Sadly, we can confirm that there have been fatalities with this tornado,” Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Alex. Dinkla said Tuesday night during a news conference. “Also, injuries have been sustained by residents here in the Greenfield area.” (RELATED: Another Day Of Tornadoes Hitting Multiple States)

Dinkla added in the press conference that authorities were still working on confirming the number of dead but said all the town’s residents were likely accounted for.

The Adair County Health System announced on Facebook Tuesday night that a triage center had been set up at Greenfield High School for people needing medical attention.

Authorities ordered media out of the town Tuesday night and said only Greenfield residents would be allowed in until Wednesday morning, The AP reported.

The tornado left the town strewn with bent, leafless trees, broken wood, car parts and piles of debris where houses were destroyed, according to The AP.

Local resident Rogue Paxton said that he headed to the basement when the storm hit and that his house luckily was not ruined, The AP reported.

“But everyone else is not so much, like my brother Cody, his house just got wiped,” Paxton told WOI-TV. “Then you see all these people out here helping each other. … Everything’s going to be fine because we have each other, but it’s just going to be really, really rough. It is a mess.”

Another local resident, Camille Blair, said, “There’s a pretty significant roof damage to several houses that I know will need whole new roofs,” she said. “And I can see from my house it kind of went in a straight line down the road.”

Deadly storms also hit Texas last week, killing at least eight people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power for days, The AP reported.