Of smurf and swine: James Cameron should read The Daily Caller

“Avatar” is returning to theaters — this time in an even lengthier form — but the movie’s creator seems intent on once again mocking the very people that have made his success possible.

“Titanic” film director James Cameron quickly went for the oft-traversed intellectual low road of ad hominem attacks, recently attacking skeptics of global warming as those of piggish DNA.

“I think they’re swine,” said Cameron to the American Renewable Energy Day Summit in Aspen Sunday night. Laughingly, Cameron piggishly proclaimed “swine” just moments after receiving eco-ovations from the environmental Aspen crowd.

Why? He had praised a documentary that extolled the evils of a proposed hydropower project in Brazil that would ostensibly “displace a large tribal community,” therefore violating even more sacred limousine liberal codes: group identity and the hatred of capitalism.

Hydropower is “clean” by most mainstream standards, so go figure.

Hypocrisy is not the only feature of the global warming alarmist agenda. James Cameron should have read my previous Daily Caller column to avoid a trap so simple that even a Na’vi wouldn’t take the bait. Think of it this way: sticks and stones may break my bones but the global warming alarmist “Pure Anger” approach will never hurt me:

“Pure Anger” Approach” – This occurrence is an emotional, visceral display that shows skeptics are winning the day. It’s a common feature of debate — a citizen dares to question the validity of the global warming religiosity and is called a “flat-earther” or some other pejorative name. Dr. Cohen’s advice for the Pure Anger approach is to simply ignore it and revel in the fact that it is the surest sign that global warming advocates are losing the debate.