‘Undecided’ Obama voter who asked about jobs in presidential debate can’t find a job, you guys

You may not remember Jeremy Epstein, but The Daily Caller does. Epstein is the 21-year-old kid who got his 15 minutes of fame by asking the first question at last October’s town-hall presidential debate at Hofstra University.

“Mr. President, Governor Romney, as a 20-year-old college student, all I hear from professors, neighbors and others is that when I graduate, I will have little chance to get employment. Can — what can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?”

The brief Twitter sensation (hashtag #jeremy) told the Associated Press that he was dazzled when President Barack Obama gazed into his eyes. He later announced that he would vote for the Democrat. (RELATED: ‘Undecided’ debate questioner at Tuesday’s debate declares for Obama)

The student’s forays into the real world have not been as dreamy as his presidential encounter.

Epstein has been unable to find a summer job, reports Buzzfeed. On the bright side, though, he is hosting a jazz show on WRHU, Hofstra’s 252-watt radio station.

“It’s really like an entry-level thing,” he told Buzzfeed.

Back in October, it was widely reported that Epstein was an exercise science major. He now wants to pursue a media career.

He also said he is optimistic about the economy.

“It’s not something that’s going to be fixed overnight. If I had to say now, I’d say it would still be pretty tough for me to find a job even though Mitt Romney promised me a job, but that’s probably not going to happen.”

Epstein’s own predictions concerning the economy are tentative.

“It could go up. It could go down. It could stay the same,” added the sagacious student, whose business experience and training in economics do not appear to be extensive.

Before the election, Epstein had said he felt he was speaking for an entire generation with his question. (RELATED: First undecided debate questioner apparently decides)

“I’m representing a whole other group of people my age, people who are facing the exact same problems, who are worried if they’re going to be able to move out of their parents’ house and support themselves,” he said then, according to Newsday.

Romney promised that, if elected, his policies would help Epstein in his career.

“I’m going to make sure you get a job,” the Republican said. After the debate, Romney spoke to Epstein about the student’s post-college prospects.

Obama stressed manufacturing jobs in answering Epstein’s jobs question. After the debate, Obama spoke with the 21-year-old about NBA basketball.

Epstein told Buzzfeed that he may take some classes this summer. He’s also looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

“I’m trying to find a little time to decompress,” he said.

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