One Last Thing (For Now) About My Knee

Jim Treacher | Blogger

If you don’t read me every day:

  1. I forgive you.
  2. On Monday, over 1,600 days after shattering my knee, the State Department finally settled with me.

I’m still processing the whole thing. It’s a curious blend of exhausted relief and lingering resentment.

The relief is winning out. But what happened to me that night in February 2010 was wrong. What happened to me for the next 53 months was wrong. It has happened, and will continue to happen, to other people. DC law needs to change.

And I’d say that even if it happened to Eric Boehlert.

I don’t believe in closure. I do believe in justice. This settlement is the closest thing I’ll ever get from the federal government. But that doesn’t mean I’ve settled down about it.

Stay tuned.

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