The Daily Caller’s Alphabet Of Racism Marches On

The Daily Caller’s informative and very important alphabet of racism continues with the letters ‘Q’ and ‘R.’ If you’ve been following along you’re starting to understand that racism is everywhere all the time.

Here are seven things beginning with the letters ‘Q’ and ‘R’ that somebody, somewhere deemed racist.

Pro-Israeli demonstrators wave flags and carry signs in support of Israel's military offensive against Palestine and Lebanon July 13, 2006 in San Francisco. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, in a blog titled “Informed Comment,” took issue with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s January demand that Palestine recognize Israel as a Jewish state, because recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is racist. If Netanyahu defines Jewishness as a genetic quality, then 300,000 Israelis are left out, Cole explained, but if he defines Jewishness as a matter of belief, than about 2 million Israelis are excluded. “Saying Israel is a ‘Jewish’ state in the sense of race would be analogous to insisting that the US is a ‘white’ state and defining Latinos as ‘brown,'” he added.

Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks at the podium to the National Right to Life Committee during their opening general session at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport Hotel on Thursday, June 27, 2013. (Photo: Stewart F. House/Getty Images)If Rick Perry were around during the civil rights movement, he definitely would not have supported desegregation, according to Chris Matthews, because Perry is an advocate for limited government and state’s rights. “Do you think [Perry would] be cheering for Ike today if he brought the troops in to desegregate the schools in Little Rock?” Matthews asked in a 2011 episode of Hardball. “He talks about secession. He talks about states’ rights. He’s got all the idiom of the guys who hate civil rights,” he added.

(Photo: Getty Images)When Ta-Nehisi Coates claimed Melissa Harris-Perry, who has claimed the NBA is fundamentally racist, is “America’s foremost intellectual,” Politico reporter Dylan Byers dared to question the claim, and was declared racist. “Ta-Nehisi Coates’s claim that ‘Melissa Harris-Perry is America’s foremost public intellectual’ sort of undermines his intellectual cred, no?” Beyers had tweeted. Because he had questioned the genius of a black person, Coates accused him of empowering the “machinery of racism.” Byers has “the privilege of being oblivious to questions, of never having to grapple with the everywhere; the right of false naming,” Coates wrote in The Atlantic in January. 

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger February 8, 1982. Reagan turns 92 on February 6, 2003. (Photo: Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images)Ronald Reagan was racist, because he dared to talk about state’s rights and the Constitution in an area close to a town where civil rights activists were killed in 1964. Everybody knew what Reagan was really saying in that speech, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote in 2007. “He was tapping out the code. It was understood that when politicians started chirping about ‘states’ rights’ to white people in places like Neshoba County they were saying that when it comes down to you and the blacks, we’re with you,” Herbert said.